Cutting above material

The bit moves up about the same z distance as the material depth then follows the x/y path. When it is at the bottom of the z path it moves on to the next operation. I’m using the X-Carve with the upgrade.

How are you zeroing out your spindle / cutting tool?

I tried with the probe and manually.

how about sharing your project?

Share link… Easel - funnel parts

try it with a piece of paper between surface of material and cutter. gcode looks good

I have tried zeroing manually with a piece of paper, but it still cuts above the material. Any other suggestions.

It sounds like the Z lift is not working while the cnc is engaged in the material, this this accurate?

Can you try the carve away from / completely above the carve and see it it lifts properly? the Z axis could have loose coupler (that attaches the stepper to the lead screw) and this might rotate with little or no load, but when it’s cutting it might not have the friction to move and the coupler slips, leaving the Z axis at the down position…

@SethCNC Just tried that. It lifts just fine. It just starts the cut .25" above the material.

Oh, just by chance does the bit actually reach the wasteboard when you jog it manually or does it stop short? IF the Z assembly is mounted too high then it might be hitting a physical stop and just won’t go down more. You’d need to loosen the 4 screws at the back of the Z assembly (the ones used to mount it) and lower it and re-tighten them.

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That’s it. I will have to remount the Z assembly.


You’re not alone, this is an issue plaguing enough people that they recently added a note to that part of the assembly guide, but it’s pretty vaguely written and easy to overlook. Glad you got it sorted though! :+1:

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