Cutting acrylic signs with a 45degree but and Easel

Figured it all out how to do a reverse image into acrylic . Just cutting into a 1/4 thick piece , about 1/16th. Bottom of cut is not clear or I should say looks white ish when sprayed with a different color ? Using a 45 degree bit . Is there a better bit to be using ?

I have heard of people getting good results with diamond bits.
Probably would have to use air to blow the bits of plastic out to maintain a clean and also prevent buildup.

Thanks I’ll get one of those and try it .

Not for an edge lit . Just a reversed sign on one side . Thanks for the info .

For lettering in Acrylic I have been using a 1/4 ballnose bit. 60 ipm, .01 doc. I use various vbits for detail or line drawings. To cut out the shape I use an 1/8 O-bit. All cut great.

Hmmm will have to try that too . I’ve never done a cut through . Too afraid of wrecking waste board .

Here goes What’s an O bit ?

They are used for Aluminum and Acrylic… Just google O bit or O flute…

You can find them cheaper on Amazon I am sure…I just found the above link quickly…I used an Onsrud one for both Aluminum and Acrylic and it works great on both…

Just had a thought.
What if you put a film or tape over the surface then cut it.
After its cut then you can sand blast the interior to get rid of burrs and to add a nice touch.
What do you guys think?

I’ve used the tape for some small detail areas. I switched to a single flute bit . It’s light years ahead of where I was . No deposit of plastic inside the lettered at all . I can now take a exacto knife and pick out the 2 or 3 rough edges .

Been reading about edge lit signs and the challenges associated with cutting them. Would it work to set up your cut as an outline only and cut it EXTREMELY shallow, say only a few thousandths? Maybe the paper would tear around the edges, but if it didn’t the interior could be peeled away and the fill area would be exposed and could be abraided by hand very quickly and to the desired opacity. Just a thought

Fair enough. I’ve never tried any of it. Just wondering if it would work