Cutting Aluminium Angle Bar?

Hi everyone,

got an awesome response from inventables team.

however they did advise me to ask for some advise here.

I need to cut 1.5" x 1.5" 2mm thick aluminium angle bars very precisely, more so than with a jig saw.

I need to cut the bar to exact size and then remove 90 degree corner on the edges. from one side.

does anyone have any advise on how to do this, what tool bit to use and what clamping method would work?

can easel do this? And I how do I set-up the machine to make the exact cuts?

I am fairly new to CNC and I understand there is a large learning curve. any help is greatly appreciated!


I would use a table saw with a non-ferous metal blade for a clean and accurate cut or even a Band saw with a fine blade, but I bet you could CNC it as well. I am not well versed to help with CNC cutting though.

Can you post some pictures of the stock you are trying to cut? What CAD and CAM software do you have? What length are you trying to cut the stock to and how long is the stock you are looking to cut from? I think I might can help you but will need the above info to give you an informed answer. Not sure the X Carve/Shapeoko is your best bet yet. But I have done a good deal of stuff like this with cutting Carbon fiber tubes to length and I do a ton of aluminum milling on the Shapeoko so i will try and see if I can help you. Also which mill do you have and what size? Also what is your spindle and what waste board do you have?

I always cut it on my chop saw (compound mitre saw). Any carbide tooth blade will do for that thin of material. Cut it long intentionally an sneak up on the exact dimension. With a blade designed for aluminum (less of a kerf and more teeth), it will cut perfectly and effortlessly. I hold my against the fence with the angle up, this way you can knick the angle to see how it is lined up. Square your blade to the fence before hand.