Cutting aluminium

I’m using Fusion 360 to make an aluminium part from 9.5mm thick stock. I’m using a 3mm flat end mill to cut the contour with 0.2mm passes. This works well but the deeper it goes the more chance there is of the chips clogging the cutter.
I had a thought. Is it possible to cut 4mm wide with a 3mm cutter thus giving more space for the chips to escape? I’m thinking along the lines of a 0.2mm pass and then move out by 1mm and make the same 0.2mm pass.
Anyone know if this is possible with Fusion360?

The 2D adaptive does this.
What path are did you first chose? Contour?
Contour will only carve a path (a single channel, with no chip ejection paths).
2D adaptive and tool paths will carve from sideways from the stock into your final part.
This does usually take more machining time, and fancy work holding (try double sided tape).

I found a Fusion360 setting for the 2D Contour. Works fine.

This makes two cuts at each depth at an offset of 1mm to each other.