Cutting an art into a specific outline

Greetings Mark,
Here is a copy of the project , your procedure worked on Easel, Now I have to try it on my XCarve , I will be back home until next week I will keep you posted, if there is something else I should do welcome.

to remove all the pattern cuts outside the bowtie shape…

  1. Create a box larger than the pattern centered on the bowtie shape
  2. move it off to the side and set it to 100% depth
  3. create a copy of the bowtie shape change the cut to filled, set it to 0% depth, and center it on the box you just created
  4. select both the new shapes that you created and combine them
  5. set the depth to 0%, then center on the original bowtie shape
  6. select the new shape and the background pattern (but not the original bowtie shape) and combine

that should leave you with the original bowtie shape, and a background pattern that only fills it, but not outside of it