Cutting and Engraving

Hello Everyone,

I am new to all of this and trying to learn and i know you guys are the experts. I am trying to cut a badge. Here are my questions.

  1. How do you tell the machine you want one tool to cut a certain part on the project and then stop and then change tools and tell the new tool to cut the other part?
  2. Are there any videos available of this or anyone has cut badges before I can watch a tutorial?

Sorry for the questions but I appreciate all of your help. Here is what I am trying to cut.

Tool changes have to be done manually. Basically you design a tool path for each tool. Once that tool path is finished, you manually swap out the tool while the machine is on (and steppers are locked in place), then load the next tool path (rezero your z-axis) and continue your carve.

So for instance on that badge, you would probably start with a v-carve bit for the detail on the badge. Once all the face detail is done the machine would stop and return to your original home point. You would unlock the collet, insert an end mill, load a profile tool path (to cut it out). Then you re-zero with your probe and start it.

Bottom left of the screen there is an arrow to open up additional work pieces.
In your original work piece select duplicate a couple of times. Go to one of the duplicates and delete what you do not want to cut with V bit. Go to next duplicate and delete the items being cut with V bit and make appropriate settings.
It is a method of splitting up the art into sections.
Most importantly be careful not to move any of the art locations relative to X and y zero.