Cutting backwards (Flipped X)

I’ve been cutting for about a year with the same install. Had knee surgery and haven’t been able to carve for about a month and a half. Went to setup to cut something the same as usual, now all the lettering is being cut backwards, and for some reason my x is going in the wrong direction. Nothing has been change and no one has been in my basement. Any help would be appreciated.

Sounds like the X axis for some reason have switched “polarity”.
Switch two (one pair) of the four stepper wires over, any pair will do.
If you are unsure which wires form a pair simply measure continuity, if there is connection those two wires are one pair.

You can also switch direction in software.
Whats you current $3 value?

I needed to reflash the controller. My wife informed me that the power had went out.
Thanks for the help, it corrected now.