Cutting below home position

Finally did my first cut of a circle and it went fine yaaaa. However now whenever I set up a new cut and set the home position it cuts below the home position…mostly off the material.

Not sure if it mattes or not, but I should mention I am running the 611 router not the stock spindle.

Are you resetting your Z-Axis zero each time you change your tool? Many folks also reset their zero on all axes before every job.

Have not changed out the tool yet.

Are you using Easel? It is possible to have your geometery outside of your zeros, and your machine will attempt to cut it unless you have soft/hard limits enabled.

If that’s not the case, I’d check you v-wheels and belt tension, too tight can make your router go off track in one directions or another.

I adjusted the y axis on the Gshield and it seemed to do the trick…not sure why, but ill take it.

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Awesome, it it was probably doing was missing steps in one direction and not the other. For example it would be told to go 3in up and the 3in back down to zero, but in reality it would only go 2.5in up and then 3in back down.

Glad to hear it’s all good now!

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