Cutting birch plywood with X-Carve Pro

When my Xcarve Pro arrives I would like to cut 1/4” or 1/8” birch plywood. Will I be able to do that and if so what bit would I use?

Yes. I just have a regular old X carve and another machine and cut all sorts of stuff. Plywood is treated just like hardwood. If it is birch, then you have a denser plywood than say poplar. I routinely use bits from 1/8 up to 1/2" D. I don’t have any experience with up or down cuts really, as I just use straight bits. Your feeds and depth of cut will depend on material and bit size. I’d suggest a spoil board to cut into. Here’s some info on bits.

Downcut, Upcut and Compression, What’s the difference? | Tools Today Buying Guide

Spiral Router Bits vs. Straight Router Bits (

Hey @LindaMiller. The Pro will be great for cutting birch plywood, we actually have the feeds and speeds for plywood already updated inside of Easel. In terms of bits take a look at our 1/4 in straight or upcut bit:✓&selected_filters[Type][]=Straight&selected_filters[Shank+Diameter][]=1%2F4+in