Cutting Board or Cheese board question

Hi all, If I want to keep a cheese or cutting board food grade what are suggestions for coloring the cut out and finishing please?


Contrasting colors of wood?
If it’s actually going to be used for cutting, I wouldn’t use any paint, stain, or epoxy.

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Salad bowl finish.

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Thanks for the advice guys. Have a great day…

I get this from Home Depot

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Thank you Russell, I will check out tomorrow.

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Check out Walrus Oil products. They have cutting board oil and wax that is FDA approve with paperwork available. There are a few others, but this is my go to.

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Just go to the drugstore and buy some heavy mineral oil (laxative dept.). Food safe, economical, effective, won’t get rancid like vegetable oil


On my first cutting board circa 1976, in woodshop class, I was instructed to rub a bar of paraffin wax over the board and then hold it near heat to get it to melt and soak in. It worked out fine.

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Make yourself some Wood Butter.
50 50 mix of mineral oil and melted bees wax.
It lasts longer between applications and adds that sweet honey scent.