Cutting both sides of a piece of material

ok so i have seen it done but cant figure out how you cut a design on one side of a board, flip it over and without loosing location mill out the other side of it?
any help ideas would be appreciated

MeshCAM offers double-sided machining capability, I generally use a pair of dowel pins to make sure my flip goes as planned.

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VCarve has some video tutorials on how to do this. It is worth watching even if you are not planning on using their software as it will demonstrate the process and give you and idea of how to do it with whatever software you are using.

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sorry been a while since ive been able to get online, i am watching the video link right now aaron thank you! and ive been looking into meshcam, in a couple of weeks i will be on vacation and will be able to test out the trial version fully
thanks again!