Cutting carbon on carvey

So - wanted to cut carbon, and finally found a safe and good method.

This has been cut with 0.2mm per layer, so i want to go faster and deeper, but im using slow feedrates due to not wanting water to overflow.

Basics; I built an acrylic tank on top of a 5mm acrylic plate. I left room for the plate to be mounted under the L bracket.

I then cut my carbon to size, and left two small pieces, which i stick under the L bracket, so the carving height is the same as the actual carbon position (due to it being on a piece of acrylic plate).

I then pour water into the acrylic “bath”, and presto!

It works really good, but i will need to find some good drill bits for this; Im using the lightblue smaller one (the middle one from here

Let me know if you have any questions, or maybe some comments!

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Looks good. Are the yellow spots painted carbon or kevlar?

Its just the lighting hitting it oddly, its just carbon - so not painted, nor yellow =)