Cutting deep

I think i might be after the impossible here. I’ve got some 1" thick Sapele and i want to cut all the way though it using a 1/8" bit. All the 1/8" bits i have only have a cutting depth of 1/2".
Is it possible to get a 1/8" bit with a 1" cutting depth? I need to use 1/8" as i have a channel for a small cable to run in and using a 1/4" would be way to large and visible on the final product. This could be a time where a two bit cut option in easel would be handy, i might ask to be added to the list of testers for this feature.

There are 1/8" endmills w/ 1" cutting surfaces:


I have some extra long endmills for the same reasons, you can buy them from all big end mill suppliers.
This is a 1/8" x 1" x 3", you get about 2 1/2" usable depth.

If you can cut an area wider than 1/8", and vacuum the dust and shavings out from the cut area as you go, then you can use the short bit. Just make sure you’re not cutting too deep or going too fast, since 1" stickout is quite a bit.

Most of the 1/8" bits I got from Inventables are nearly 1".

Yep, this is very important, dust shoe and forced air is a must! I use this end mill for aluminium.