Cutting depth in upper left quadrant of work area

If I try and carve a large image, the upper left quadrant is very shallow, Three quarters of the image looks great but the upper left area is either too shallow or doesn’t carve at all. I have no idea where to start trouble shooting this problem.

Your material is not truly level in reference to the router/end mill.
This may be due to unevenness of the material you carve or the waste board vary in height - or a combination of the two.

Google “tramming CNC” will add more info.

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If this is always the case it is likely your wasteboard not being level to your router/spindle. If it is just this project, check your material for level.

It has been a problem since I first started. When I put a level on the wasteboatd, it’s reads okay. Took off the wasteboard yesterday and reattached. Calibrated the carve. Still have the same problem.

A “trued” CNC could be run on the wall or even the ceiling, or at angle => what matters is that the bit travel with equal height relative to the waste board / project material.

Thank you all very much. Have been watching teaming videos. Will definitely give it a try. Thanks again