Cutting Depth Issue (Solved)

I noticed a cutting depth issue in the picture below.

I did some research on here and did the following:
Checked and made sure everything was tight.
Adjusted my belts
check for square and level, everything ok.
Adjusted the potentiometers
Calibrated the X and Y steppers (Do I need to do Z?)
I measured the X rail down to the waste board in different positions, and all measurements where the same.

Any ideas on what else to check?

Most likely your spoilboard or work piece is not leveled to your axis. It is apparent, if you mounted the board as seen in the picture that your right side is lower than your left. There is a leveling issue at play if they are all set the same cut depth.

So what is the best way to check this? My waste board is level in every direction, I will triple check it again.
I measured by X rail to my waste board and I get the same measurements in different locations.

The best way is to level the board to the axis by using a cutter. Skim the top so that it is parallel to the cutting axis.

No, I fixed that with the adjustments in the potentiometers and calibrating the x and y steppers.

Its a cutting depth issue. The “eye” is cut deeper than the coffee cup. Same with the “eye” and the wifi symbol. All the symbols were set to cut at the same depth.

It changed depths as it was cutting. I ran another test to double check. I made one circle and the copy and pasted it.

Did it cut from bottom to top in that last picture?

I’d suggest doing one circle at a time in the areas where they are cutting shallower when multiple items are cut to see if the more you cut, the shallower it gets. If so, then you’re losing Z steps.

I did not, I will do it now.

Well CoryMccormick was right, the waste board was not parallel to the X-axis. To test this I had the bit touching the waste board on the left side, ran it over to the right and the bit was not touching the waste board anymore. Probably had a 3/32 gap between the bit and waste board. So I re-surfaced the waste board, did the test again and the bit was touching on both sides.

Thanks for your help guys.


Happy to help. I’ve received a great deal of guidance from the group and am happy I could finally help somebody else out. Now, get carving!

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