Cutting depth

First off I would like to thank those that helped with my X axis problem. While it was not a broken wire like thought , it got me to double check the wiring and it was a loose connection at the controller. Now that that is fixed I am finding it is cutting deeper than the cut depth specified in the program. Almost 1/4" to far. I have just homed it up a bit as for this project depth is not so critical. But I am wondering if there is some setup setting I am missing.

How are you setting your Z zero?

I actually set it to just touch the work piece. That way I could keep the depth constant. The first cut was almost 1/4" to deep. No problem as my piece is 2" thick. I am thinking I should go back and do a complete check of my setup in Easel. Probably after I get done with this project.

I would first check to make sure that your work piece and your work surface is flat. If either of those are warped then the depth will be off.

Also, you may want to invest in a z-probe. It will help ensure that you’re measurements are accurate.

Thanks for the suggestion. My surface is flat as well as the piece. It sits in a jig with a hold down as well and it can not move. I noticed the problem when I was making the jig. I intended to clean out a space just big enough to hold the piece. I needed to make it just a bit bigger so I just did a line cut which worked as intended but it cut all the way through when I didn’t change the setting for depth. I had manually stopped the initial cut when I thought it was deep enough. I was surprised to see that it had cut all the way through.

I did a complete reset and my test carve cut to the correct depth. I wonder if I need to do this before I start a project or if it was just a firmware update thing that messed it up.