Cutting Foam Core

Hey guys, I am trying to cut foam core board and I am not sure what settings on the Xcarve I should use or what type of bit. Was wondering if any of you have tried cutting foam core board before? If you do not know what foam core board is here is a links to what I am talking about:

Thanks for the helpful advise!

i use this style for foamcore seems to be the only one that has gave a smooth cut. but other than that i use the jtech laser

A friend uses a Drag-knife on his large CNC router to cut the same kind of stuff. He runs the gcode through some kind of program (I think it was free but not sure) before cutting, to add moves that turn the blade accordingly for direction changes.

Before he went that way, like Robert he had tried everything else he could think of before that but never got good results.

They aren’t cheap, but if you will be using it a lot it’s totally worth it

Thanks for all the replies, it seems like there is not a really good way to cut it except use a drag knife but I think that is above my price range, I could try the bit that ShaneBell posted and see what results I can get from it

I’m sure I’ve seen DIY drag knives. There is bound to be a file that can be 3d printed or something out there

I had forgot to mention it will leave fuzz around the cut but is easily removed with a fingernail file. I cut mine at full depth in one pass @30ipm and setting 1 on the dewalt

Thanks for all of the tips, I will give it a try!