Cutting grass

Anyone else plot out a mental tool path while cutting their yard? Or am I alone here?


Worked on the continued optimization of the snow blower path on my driveway today…


Had to use a larger bit for my driveway today… my Z-probe didn’t measure the snow depth appropriately…


HAHA yeah man I do that will everything now

I always look at something and ask in my mind should i pocket, profile, or do a tracing operation on this bad boy

just the mind set I guess lol

especially with like hand tools I find myself moving them in the same why my machines would move

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The cold must be having an effect. Will not leave home position.


Well all was going good until belt came loose lost Z height on pants tried to adjust but went off path hitting fixture in yard.


I dont even want to know lol


DOC is pretty much nailed down at 2" per pass, but whats your feed rates guys?

4 steps an hour
I have to pace myself and take a lemonade break

with my new lawn mower, edger, and blower… i get the yard done in under an hour… it’s self propelled and it can go at running pace. I also used optimized tricordial cutting passes. Way better yard tools than when I was growing up. Especially the edger/trimmer.

HAHA i would love to see your tricordial into tight corners on a lawn mower do you also do a finishing pass around the profile?

that’s what the edger/trimmer is for… however I start with the finishing pass so I can blow the “sawdust” back in to the main part to be mulched.

Awesome thread I must say!

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I discovered (before I got my x-carve up and running) that starting in the center and moving clockwise I didn’t have to readjust the exit chute every iteration. Thanks to this thread, I see it now, clearly.