Cutting holes

Can anyone suggest a bit?? So I’m trying to cut a hole out and my cutting surface is too short I guess because it starts to bind up when it gets too deep in the wood. The wood I’m using is 1 and an 1/8 thick give or take. (white oak). I have a Bob’s CNC. Can anyone help?

The longest 1/4" shank bit with a 1/4" diameter cutter I got from here. They have a variety of bits for cnc and upcut/downcut and all that too.
Amana Tool Carbide Router Bits | Largest Selection in Stock | Free Ship (

Something like this may work for you. I haven’t tried any upcut or downcuts yet myself.

Amana Tool 45210 Carbide Tipped Straight Plunge High Production 1/4 D x 1 CH x 1/4 SHK x 2-1/4 Inch Long Router Bit (

Downcut, Upcut and Compression, What’s the difference? | Tools Today Buying Guide

Is the hole the same size as your bit? Most routers run far faster than drills and the router bits are not really designed for hole drilling. You might do better using a bit smaller than your hole, designing your hole as a circle in Easel and then telling Easel to cut inside the circle’s path. That may give the bit a better chance of being able to cut out your hole.

Another thing you might try is just having the router mark a place for you to later manually drill. This might be fastest. Of course if you’re doing something like a cribbage board with zillions of holes, having the CNC do it becomes appealing.

Thanks so much for the suggestions.