Cutting In the wrong place


i have my eshapeoko all set up and running but i have encountered a problem when i go onto easel and input my material size shape to cut etc then put the machine in the corner of the work piece and click carve it moves away from the work piece and starts cutting in totally the wrong place i clearly have made an error somewhere but being a newbie i don’t know where any idea it all seems to be opposite if i put my shape of the grid it then cut on the work piece heres some pictures might make more sense

many thanks Dan


ALSO IM USING MAC and my machine is 750mm by 750mm i have amended that in easel

Are you setting your bit’s home position on the lower left corner before carving?

I seem to have resolved the issue further testing will verify I had the y axis going in the wrong direction ops :wink: but trial and error that how you learn I had to adjust the steps as when u move it 1mm it would move say 2mm but now it seems OK I just have to adjust belt tension v wheels square it up mount it nicely and get carving

Thanks for the response:)

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Glad to hear you’re getting it figured out. I’ve put out a set of videos related to belt tension and stepper calibration, they may be of help to you: X-Carve Maintenance/Troubleshooting Videos - Add Your Own!

Yea sweet I’ll check them out thank you!

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