Cutting into epoxy coated wood

can you or has anyone cut into wood already lightly coated with epoxy resin, wife is an artist and wanted that type of surface with certain engraving that she can create a painting on. I have lost 4 bits in 5 days on detailed carving and I dont want to just sacrifice a bit if its not a good idea to cut into epoxy.

Are the bits getting gummed up and breaking? I have not had the need to cut into epoxy, but I can see it turning into a molten mess if the bit is creating heat instead of slicing through it. My opinion would be to carve it similar to Plexiglas. Fast Feed with shallow doc…

Post your feeds/speeds and I am sure someone will post what has worked for them.


Brandon Parker

I have not carved into it yet a little apprehensive only had my x-carve up and running for about 3 months and lost several bits that were broken and just replaced them last couple of days so was just putting the question out there to get feed back on cutting into epoxy.

I think it’s pretty common.
Cuts pretty easily, just make sure you go fast.

I don’t have an X-carve, so I don’t want to give specifics, but I’ve found it cut nicely.