Cutting marks not smooth

Hi, can someone help me figure out why this v carve isn’t smooth? I’m still new to using the v carve and have not had much luck getting the results I’d like. I’m attaching a picture.

Whats your V-bit info, feed and RPM, plus stepover value?

One thing that I find helpful with cutting out larger letters is to use a 2 stage cut, so a large bit plus a detail bit. When something like an upcut bit you’ll get a pretty smooth result vs a V-Carve for the entire piece. Also it will normally go faster.

Even if you get your settings all the way dialed in it’s pretty hard to get a really smooth flat surface with a bit that comes to a point.

I’m not by my computer for the next few days but I do remember the bit was the 60 degree inventables sells. Other settings I don’t usually change off of default.

If just doing a sign, would it work better to make the letters a single deeper line? Instead of something thicker that would require a few passes?

Which one?
It could be that the angle isn’t as described.