Cutting metal resets the USB connection

In an effort to cure my problem where the X-Carve would stop part way through a job, I purchased a new X-Controller. I’ve since discovered that the old controller was not the cause of the random stops but it was in fact caused by static in the vacuum pipe. I’ve now replaced the pipe with electrically conductive pipe and earthed it and that problem has gone away.

However, I now have a new problem which I didn’t have before which has to be caused by the new X-Controller. When I setup to cut metal I adjust the Z to the top of the work with the spindle running slowly (I can hear the note change so I know it’s just touching). The moment the bit touches the stock the USB resets just like it’s been unplugged from the PC. This never happened with the old controller (gshield and Arduino). The only difference in the setup is the new X-Controller so I reckon it’s guilty.
Anyone seen anything like this?

Solved !
User error. I told the X-Controller it had a Z-Probe when hadn’t got one.

I was messing with the setup the other day and experimenting with a z-probe. I then forgot to change the configuration back. After I disabled the z-probe all was well. Perhaps there is another issue here that will surface if and when I install a z-probe but at the moment I can’t see me needing one.

i use the probe on metal with custom settings.
i set the retract height to 0 and the plate thickness to 0.
then i probe to the stock directly with puck just touching material and zero x,y
then carve… no more messing with finding z!

That’s a really good idea. I’ll try that. Thanks