Cutting Model Train Scenery, HO Scale?

Hey guys! Have any of you cut model train scenery with your X-Carve? Maybe with a laser attached?

I have my first machine en route at the moment, and lots of simple projects planned. But down the road, I’d like to be able to cut HO scale railroad scenery for my mom and stepdad, and was wondering if anyone had experience with it. I imagine that even with a 1/32" bit, the detail and precision of the cuts is probably too small. I would think the X-Carve can handle the level of detail, perhaps with a laser instead of the router. Would the JTech 2.8w or 3.8w be too low powered to actually cut out the outlines of the pieces in a reasonably small number of passes? Mostly, I would be doing buildings/houses with 1/16" or 1/32" thick basswood. If I need to go more powerful to keep from burning the crap out of the wood, is there something stronger than 3.8w that is still air cooled and relatively straight forward to add to the X-Carve?

I have found tapered end mills provide a stronger solution versus smaller diameter ends and the slight 2 to 5 degree angle gives the cutout a 3D effect.