Cutting Multiple depths on a textured toolpath

This is in V-carve Pro

Hey everyone I am running into a problem on a texture that I created

I want to use a .5’ ball nose endmill in this project and go up to .75" depth of cut.

So I genterated the tool path in V-carve pro and set me tool cutting depth to .125

but I noticed that in the tool path simulation the tool will plunge straight down taking a full .75" depth of cut?

that just won’t work as I need to take multiple depth step of probably around .125

I dont see the setting in the texture tool path that allows me to do this

Any help would be appreciated I have attached the file Texture1.crv (659 KB)

I’m on my iPad, not able to see actual drawing. But what I remember is textured toolpath requires V bit and cut depth is zero. I don’t think ball nose works.