Cutting Negative Space

Hey guys!

I am having the hardest time figuring this one out. I need to make a door hanger similar to the one in this picture, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to cut AROUND my image to make everything stay on the sign and just remove the wood in the negative space.

ANY help and tips will be greatly appreciated!!

It wouldn’t let me upload an image for some reason so here is a link to what I am needing. I really wish this thing would let me upload my image because it’s a little more detailed than this example:

Can you grab the share link from Easel?
In Easel go to Project>Share>Change it to Unlisted>Copy that link>Paste over here

Also, this is the button to upload an image, although I’ve found that it only likes certain file types…

You can also try to Copy and the Paste the image, that works for me too

Unfortumatenly it’s not an easel file, its just a picture of something my family sent me. I tried to upload the image that way but it kept saying “Discourse::InvalidAccess” - Whatever that means.

So apparently I just need to screenshot the picture I want to upload and then upload the screenshot. Here it is!

And have you started to create this in easel and are having trouble, Or are you looking for a step by step guide in order to get started?

EDIT: I just saw that there were 2 replies… sorry bout that confusion there and I see that it hasn’t been started as a project yet…

in order to get the curved text, you can try Easel, but IMO the curved text within easel is not good and you’d be better off designing in Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator in order to get the cruved text to look like that… so design the whole thing in one of those other programs, then import the resulting SVG into easel to setup toolpaths.

That’s exactly what I have done with the text. However, I cannot get the circles to work for me. Here is the link to my Easel project that I have started. It’s going to be on a circular piece of wood.

It’s for my local high school baseball team.

Some options

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DUDE!! You’re a lifesaver and that was incredibly helpful!!
Thank you so much! Now I just gotta go figure out what you did! LOL

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