Cutting off the path

I need some advice. I tried to cut this project once out of 3/4" Maple. I had the same issue. Thought maybe my 1/4" bit was not long enough and that is why it got off track, maybe just got stuck. Went down to 1/2" Maple for this cut and it happened again 2" from the first spot that it happened. I was cutting 0.11" per pass 35"/min. My waste board is flat, everything is square, belts are tight. I can’t keep wasting my time and money on this. Any help would be appreciated

Alright I will check that fix out tonight, thanks

Loctite and ideally filing a small flat onto the motor shaft to allow the screw to lock using something other than friction.

Same thing happened to me yesterday, but it was my x axis belt, it looked like it was pinched at one point and I guess it was skipping steps and it finally broke on me. So check your belts for damages too.

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So I checked my belts, they were all tight and in good condition. I checked my set screws and the 2 on the y axis moved a small amount and the x was solid. I am a little gun shy to start another cut but I will probably try this weekend. One other question I had was, for cutting out my sign I was using a 1/4" 2F upcut bit. Should I be using a straight cut? I have the straight cut bit that came with the starter pack. Thanks