Cutting on epoxy resin

I am trying to carve on epoxy resin and it doesn’t carve deep enough. I will even increase cut depth and it still doesn’t go deeper. I’ve tried different bits and still no luck. Anyone know why?

Hi Melanie, by chance are you using an X-carve with the new Z axis, the one that has linear rails?

No. Just the one that came with the unit.

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I’m sorry, but that kinda clarifies and kinda is also unclear. Because “the one that came with the unit” could still be the linear rail version of the unit was purchased after nov 2021.

I ask because it is very common for users to mount this axis at the very top, which results in the linear rail slides bottoming out on the rails before the bit can reach the wasteboard. It would need to be lowered if this is the case. you can loosen the 4 screws on the back and lower the entire Z axis as it mounts to the gantry and depending on your setup, this could still be the issue at hand. . .

OR the calibration of movement might also be set incorrectly. Here’s how you’d manually calibrate each axis movement and adjust these settings. . .

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The horseshoe comes out deep enough but only half of the lettering came out.

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Ohh, I understand , . . that is an issue of the top of the acrylic not being parallel to the spindle plane of movement, the best fix is to surface the wasteboard (you can also place a sacrificial wasteboard atop the stock one and surface that one if you prefer) X-Carve Custom Waste Board - YouTube

You could verify/proove this is the issue by using this shim counting technique, you should find that it requires more shims over on the side that the carve is not going deep enough. . .

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Oh my gosh. That seems to have worked. Thank you.

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