Cutting operations, reverse images

I haven’t seen this discussed but I might have missed it, I want to cut the fied out of a sign project while leaving the text raised. Ideally, the text would have a radius at the bottom of each letter to provide more strength. I didn’t want to do the work in a different application and have to import. Is this at all possible in Easel alone. Mark

sometimes it’s hard to explain what to do without the machine there in front of you! So, any chance you could break that down a bit more for me?

Unless I am misunderstanding, it is pretty straightforward. Especially in Easel.

Create a shape (say a box.)
Create some type and place it on top of the box.
Assign some depth to cut to the box (as Robert says, use a bullnose cutter for the rounded edges where the letters hit the “base.”)
Don’t assign a cutting depth to the letters (unless you want them below the surface of the material.)
And that is it.


Thanks guys! this is really helpful… sorry if I seemed a bit slow on the uptake, I started machining when Autocad was new for DOS and took over 20 discs to load!

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Me too! Autocad 1.0! Mark - depending on the number of letter and how you intend to finish off the sign, you can get really good results by cutting the letters out of 1/4" MDF and glueing them to your sign. That way you can paint the letters and the field independently. I cut the letters backwards, so the bottom is facing up and put two locator holes in them, that match locator holes I drill in the field. Then you can paint separately, and snap your letters in place.

The above method works well too and is probably quicker but it is more difficult to paint the entire raised letter and easier to paint just the surface of the letter.