Cutting order

Is there anyway to tell easel what should be cut first, I was attempting to cut out a wreath, and there is stuff inside the wreath that I want cut first. I can use tabs to some degree of success, but I have opted to make the outside line not to go through my material.

this is the design.

Typically you can select the layer you want to cut last (in my case, it’s usually the cutout layer) and click Edit -> Send to background. That should make it cut last.

However a couple weeks ago there was a problem where it would do the cutout layer first. They fixed it. And today I had it happen to me again, so I am assuming it’s something in the software that they’re working on again.

Cutting order should(my opinion and enhancement request) be a feature in the next version of Easel. We shouldn’t have to create multiple workpieces and/or hide (zero depth) pieces to create a custom cut order.

Here’s hoping…

Until that feature exists, when it’s important to have a cut order, I finish my designs and when I’m ready to cut I cut/paste in different workpieces and send one by one in the order I want. Not the most efficient way, but it works