Cutting out large Opendesk files

Hello everyone,
I recently carved out an Opendesk stool and it is awesome. We decided to take the next step and are trying to cut out the components for a whiteboard divider. Any suggestions on cutting out components larger then the cutting area?

Thank you!

Search for “tiling” on this forum. I know that @PhilJohnson has a write-up on his method.



buy a Maslow


I’m skeptical but might be fun to play with.

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I’m actually on their waiting list…:sunglasses:

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oo when it arrives please do a build blog on here. I’m really torn, on the one hand i want to get one to play with but on the other i’m not convinced it will be any good and will be insanely slow.

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Thank you everyone for your help!! I was looking at the Maslow too!!

First, I’d feel a bit like I’m cheating on @Zach_Kaplan :wink:

Second, I’m not sure I’m going to pursue it because just about the only thing it can do that the XC can’t is carve out boat parts from a 4’ x 8’ sheet of plywood (which is something I’m very interested in).

With that being said, I do have several boat plans as DXF files that I would be very interested in making and lofting and cutting out the boat parts is at least 20% of the build process. For example, one 8’ boat if carved at a 2:1 ratio can be a very 4’ cool coffee table or baby cradle…:sunglasses:

We’ll see. I’m building a 20’ x 20’ shop to do my own YouTube channel and hopefully these things will be part of my arsenal. Wish me luck!


That would be sweet! I also want to start doing some fancy decking for my boat(s)…:sunglasses:

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Free plans here…


Thank you @PhilJohnson! Your website is an awesome resource!! I was thinking of turning the work piece around but I think your method will be more reliable. I am going to test out some smaller pieces and then modify our enclosure to create a pass through!!

Thank you!! Your directions were great!!


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@MidnightMaker I’m very interested in Open Desk. I was thinking we should have a version set up that can be made on the X-Carve.

What do you think?


Very interested!! Just tuned up the X-carve and modified the enclosure for large passthroughs!!

Yes! Let me know!! I just did a major tune up following @PhilJohnson 's alignment tutorial. I moved the vacuum port to the side and, made the front door removable and made a hole in the back! Next step is the alignment dowels!!

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Hey @Zach_Kaplan,

You’re actually most of the way there. With a cutting area of 31" x 31", you can carve a lot of awesome OpenDesk style furniture with the XC1000. For example, most table legs are just under 30" tall, chair seats are usually around 19" tall. With tab functionality already built in, there’s only a few pieces that might require tiling using something akin to @PhilJohnson’s technique (e.g. chair backs, table tops, etc.).

We all had a really good time doing remakes of the DiResta stool, which I feel was one of your best marketing campaigns. We can totally do some flat-pack furniture style stuff.

With regards to the 4x8 sheets of plywood issue, I can pass more than a half sheet through with proper tiling and very few boat parts take more than half a sheet to develop the curved hull form.

Do you have the links to the pieces that fit on the X-Carve?

This one looks like it would fit

This is cool. Do people want to do a challenge with this concept?

What about that kid’s rocking chair?:sunglasses:

Hmmmm this is giving me some ideas…I like where you are going with this @PhilJohnson and @MidnightMaker

If we had to focus on one piece of furniture to start with what should it be? Let’s get some discussion going.


How big is the kids rocker?