Cutting out letters

hey guys I’m trying to cut letters out of a peace of wood with a rotary spindle 1.2 amp motor 35,000 rpm and my bit is 1/8 fishtail it keeps getting stuck in the wood very time and pulls right out of the spindle now it ruin my collet nut holder . do I need a bigger spindle to cut letter out or is it some thing to do with the x carve

hey thanks for reply phil yes it is a x carve 1000mm 500mm I have a small spindle on it a tool shop its a 1.2amp motor 10,000 to 35,000 rpm in the tools description . the spindle is mount on
a universal plate on the x carve . but I am try to cut the letters all the way true the board and the bit keeps getting stuck in the wood so I need to no if I need a bigger spindle or if the setting needs change from the recommend to custom setting . hope I did not over whelm you with this post.

I have a big router 6.4 amp 10,000 - 32,000 but it don’t fit in the universal fitting I buy it because I already have 2 router tools

bob for depth per pass 0.028 plunge rate 9in feed rate 30in recommend sitting in easel . and what mount do u used for your Dewalt maybe I can used for my router

my spindle is small I have big one that I don’t no what mount it will fit in I call inventables they recommend the universal fitting but the big router don’t fit in it only the small one. so I don’t want to buy a third router what is diameter of the dewalt rounded side and what fit you mount it with .

What is the diameter of the bigger router. For instance I have a Makita 700 router with a 62mm body so I used The DeWalt router mount with a 3mm styrene shim. I also use a Hitachi 12MVC router which is 82mm in diameter and for that I purchased a mount from ZenBot. There are mounts for any diameter motor you will need on E-Bay. All you need is the router’s diameter.

clyde my router diameter is 69.8 mm so the dewalt mount will fit on this can send a pic of the mount you or talking about I think there is two of them on the inventables web site.

It’s part number 30610-04.According to the spec sheet it has a maximum diameter of 68.75 mm so it may e slightly undersized for your router. I don’t know if you’ be able to shoe horn it to fit by opening up the slot or not. I personally wouldn’t try it.I would suggest that you go on E-Bay and enter CNC ROUTER MOUNT-69.8 and see if you can get one that is the right size or maybe @ 72 mm in which case you would be able to shim it.

Go on E-Bay and type in-CNC ROUTER MOUNT 70 mm and you will find numerous mounts for sale @ $23.00 and up.

Thanks man I will look it up and get one

You might consider two. They look alittle skinny to me. It depends how long your spindle is.You don’t want it to flex when in use.