Cutting out Rings in Easel

I may be over looking something here but here is what i am trying to figure out to do.

Draw about 1/4 inch thickness rings about 3 inches in diameter out of wood.
Then be able to cut the same out in a piece of wood to be able to inlay that ring i already cut out into the recessed ring i cut out in the wood already. am i missing something?

If I understand you correctly you can do that. What problem are you running into?

When i create a circle within a circle to create the ring i want to cut out how do i tell it what thickness to cut the ring out at as well as how to i tell it what thickness to cut the inlay so that they match.

Go to the “shape” menu on the floating tool bar. You can adjust the diameter of the circle there. On the cut menu you want to chose outline. The diameter of the bit will determine the thickness of the cut line.

Hi Zack/ everyone.
Let me first say this; I’m very new to the hobby.
I"m having the same problem and apparently I’m missing some small detail. In Easel I create a circle, set it to cut a pocket. Then I create a second circle, larger and centered over the first. I send this second circle to the back. I set the dept of cut to that of the material. When I preview (or look at the gCode), the only tool path is to the start point. When I run it, I get a pocket the size of the second circle and not a ring. I know it’s me, can someone please point me into the right direction?

Thanks, Fred

All you need to do is highlight the outer circle and set it to cut outside. Just the outer circle and welcome to the forums. Or make the outer circle first and set it to cut the outside then put your center circle in center it and set it to cut a pocket.

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You can resize that or whatever you need.

Thanks WayneHall; I’ll give it a go tonight when I get home.

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@WayneHall Perfect! Worked like a charm!
I forgot to center both horizontally and vertically, but I’ve got it working, the biggest part.

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Glad it worked for you.

I know this is an old post but I cant figure out how to start a new thread. I’m trying to cut a clock from mdf and using ply as an inlay for the clock face . The clock outline is fine but easel wants to pocket the whole of the inside of the clock before cutting out the centre which is a complete waste of time . I only want to pocket the grey area as the black will be removed .Is there a way to do this ?

If the center is already being removed and you do not want to cut it just move your cut depth up to zero and turn it white and it will not cut it.

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I have drawn two circles one inside the other with a 1cm gap between , I only want to pocket that out and cut the inner circle right through . But when I click to pocket out it wants to pocket the whole 18cm circle including the black bit in pic before cutting out the inner circle . So if I do it in two stages it might work . Pull the middle circle up to zero on first cut then delete all bar the inner circle for the second cut . I will try that thanks

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That doesn’t work either . Think I will go with the router, be quicker

Set the black part to 0 depth and the. Select both the now white and grey and use edit>combine

Now you’ve got the grey as a ring instead of stacked circles…