Cutting out script letters

Im trying to cut out these cursive letters and have yet to get a single word finished without some sort of incident.

Image here:

The problem…
Once the router goes to make the final cut pass, the delicate edges start to vibrate around and eventually get cut or . damaged and thats WHEN I can keep it from accidentally cutting too far down and not making tabs.

Things to know…
Cutting out of a sheet of hardwood plywood.

Some questions I have…

  1. Im using caliper to measure the thickness, but get different numbers depending on where I measure. Why do I do here?
  2. The wood doesnt always lay flat, how can I fix that?
  3. Any tips for cutting out fancy letters like this?

The plywood isnt going to hold up to those thin letters. You can try using the Offsetter app and fattening up the script to help. Search the forum for the below thread. I cut those types of letters using PVC as it is much more durable.

This is the name of my thread that will help you.
Monogram / Door Hanger / Fatten Type

1 - May be due to machine flexibility and backlash, and lack of proper material support
2 - Use masking tape, one layer on surface board and one act as backing of your material. Use CA glue to bond the two together. This will provide support for the whole surface, including the thin carve elements. Including hold-down. This materials will want to lift with an up-cut but.
3 - See point 2 :slight_smile: