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Hi everyone

I was wondering why the x carve cuts out a second time in reverse. If it is a basic shape it goes around once, but if it is a complex shape after it is done cutting out the bit lifts and then begins doing the cut out again but counter clockwise.

I usually just hit the x button to stop the second pass, but I’m gonna be cutting out a bunch of small things tomorrow and don’t want it doing it. It would cut the time in half if it didn’t. Is there a way to stop it?

Can you share a project that shows this behavior?
My guess is that you have two outlines in your design.

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The shapes I am using are completely solid . I click the on path option to make it an outline.

When you click on the shape go to edit nodes, do you see one path or two? Like Neal suggested share your file we are happy to help. Steve

please share the project
I would bet that the shape isn’t actually fully solid but instead has a couple adjacent nodes thst are disconnected. This would be visble when the design is changed form “on path” to ,“pocket” cut type

Having same issue, when i select cut outside shape path it creates a double cut path. I tried this with different files and it doe the same thing. I imported these same files on Carbide Create and it previews properly.

Can you share the easel project?

This sounds like you’ve got a duplicate vector, offset just barely.

You can select the item and press E to go into the node editing tool and should be able to see that there is a inside and outside layer of nodes, you can delete one if the layers by selecting a node and pressing delete repeatedly until the extra copy is gone, … there are other faster ways to fix this issue, but this method is the most simple to explain…

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