Cutting over the edge of the base board

Is it possible with the X-Carve to bring the spindle forwards so that it overhangs the waste board? e.g. So that you can mill the end of a long piece of timber or the edge of a board. How about Shapeoko 2 or 3?

If this is not possible, what do people think would be the best modification to enable this? A spacer to set the spindle out from the rail might work but are the components stiff enough to support this? Alternatively, could the waste board be cut away so that components greater than 3" in the Z direction could be milled?

Here is an example showing what I mean using a more expensive commercial mill. - start at 22:25

This machine has end rails, i don’t see you being able to do it like the video.
The only option would be to sit the unit over a “void” and have a way to clamp it from beneath and have a hole in the base.

You might take a look at what the MakerFoot guys are doing. I have never tried it but I read the guy involved with it has been experimenting with this concept. The wasteboard on the X-Carve is removable. Frankly you don’t even need to order it from Inventables you can uncheck it in the configurator.

You could also increase the length of the Z-axis on your own as well. You may run into limitations on length of bits you can buy.

Hi Julian. I am just putting an early release x-carve together and have been thinking of a similar thing to see if it can cut dovetails and tenons. There are a couple of ways you can do it. One is to remove the waste board and hang it I’ve the end of a work bench you would just need to clamp it down.

If it’s something you were planing to do a lot of you can set up a waste board with a hole or does not extend right across the wor surface and clamp to it as your reference point.