Cutting path shifts right 4 " part way into project

I have had an issue twice with a project that I have made many times previously. once the project finishes one art, when it starts the next cut it shifts right about 4" and continues that part. I have had this happen twice in the at 4 attempts. Has anyone run into this before?


I think it’s the update from their latest XCarve upgrad on 11/2. My project was cutting too deep on the sheriff’s star. Pic included.( After update

Before update
I’ve done multiple prior, now detail bit cuts way too deep after the update. Very frustrating. I deleted the machine and re added. Now the y axis is backwards even thought the settings show it’s correct. I believe the grbl code has to be reset to original specs.

As Jason mentioned, on November 2nd the default setings for X-Carve machine setup will reflect all of the new upgrades. you may need to re-do the machine setup and select “X-Carve Advanced” Shown Here: (and then select your machine’s specs from the dropdowns)

*** I’m Not Sure Why BUT the other Day the Standard X-Carve one (one to the left of my arrow) Actually Said “Purchased after November 2021” but now that note is missing… this is going to Cause a LOT of issues with X-Carves having their Grbl settings changed.

You can verify your grbl settings by going to Machine>General Settings>Machine Inspector and verifying them to the defaults found here:

Is your Y Still operating inverted?

You can either simply swap the connectors for Y1, Y2 on the back of the X-Controller
OR Re-wire them both by swapping green/black
OR Adjust $3 per this chart, reading the current $3 value and adjusting so that only Y is changed from whatever it’s current value shows.

I really appreciate the reply. Just tried a test piece after re stalling the software. It just ate the plastic hold down and handle on the screw. Thank God for the ESO (Emergency Shot Off) I’ll try the re wire after diner. Keep ya posted.

thanks, problem is resolved.

thanks, back to carving…

So I reset default values, but it was still cutting backwards. After some special words, I realized the tool paths were off the project piece by 3 feet. Cleared that area an it works perfect. Thanks for your help.

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