Cutting picture frame Matt with Vbit

Anyone here ever cut picture frame matting with V bit?

I think it would work ok, but how well your machine is set up for accuracy and the composition of the mat material would come into play in terms of a sucessful outcome.

since most mat is cut with a straight edged blade rather than a rotating edge the fibers of the mat tend to get pushed down and are sheared off but with a v bit, the cutting action is more horizontal and I would think that tearing and fibers left behind could be an issue.

But then I could just be talking out my a** too since I am making a number of assumptions about mat material.

If you happen to have some scrap l;ying about I would say give it a go! If it works out the xcarve could open up a lot of posibilies in picture framing.

I build a lot of frames, it just dawned me after I made a mat out some 1/4" birch plywood that I could probably just cut some mat with the XC. But with the 1/4" birch plywood I used the Vbit plunged in the corners and left a dimple but I did get the nice chamfer everywhere else. With mat, I would hope that since it is only approx 1/8" thick it might not "dimple " the corners. Off to get some some test material…