Cutting plexiglass

I was doing a image trace on plexiglass and I could not figure out what was wrong I used a 1/8’’ upcut so it would pull the melted plastic up but as it was running the bit would get plastic stuck on it and it would not cut as well and I would have to pause it and clean the bit does anyone have a suggestions

search for acrylic on this forum. there are plenty of threads about it

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Single flute. Spindle speed slow. Shallow cut. Move it very fast so the plastic doesn’t melt.

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Ya, if it’s ‘melting’ you are going to slow. You want ‘chips’ flying out.

Robert is 100% right with this - they cut completely different. Plus the other suggestions, those are good too :slight_smile:

Ive been cutting a bunch of cast acrylic. I used the 1 flute, carbide, upcut.
65 in/min
Spindle speed 1
DOC - .006
Use the exhaust port of my shop vac to blow chips away.

Get really nice results.

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I have a two flute 1/8" upcut should I go two times as fast as a one flute

Each machine is slightly different. go up in increments. Once it chatters, pull back. try 75IPM. Also - if the ‘plexiglas’ you bought has a plastic protective cover, it’s extruded. Cast will have a paper cover.

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What do you mean by shatters

You’ll know when it chatters.