Cutting shapes in half

Is there an easy way to cut a shape in half so I can then reconnect the halves with letters in between?

Easy in VCarve.

In Easel, I would probably place the base object. Then I would copy and paste it, moving it the distance that you want the separation to be. Create a rectangle the width of your separation and place it where you want the separation to be so that it over hangs the base objects, setting to FILL and full depth. Then place your letters on top of the rectangle and set them to FILL and zero depth.

That should be just about enough to get you going. If you need more help, upload what you are trying to work with and I can whip up a quick SVG if need be.

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Have you gotten anywhere?

Yes, I’m sorry not to reply earlier. After I posted my question and while waiting for any responses, I did figure to put a rectangle over the middle of the circle and then put my letters on top of that. Thank you for your response - it’s reassuring to know people are reading the forums and are willing to help!


Glad you got it =)