Cutting smaller than drawn

Couldn’t find an answer in the forum, and it’s probably simple but…

I’m cutting an MFT style work table top and have drawn 20mm round ‘dog’ holes in my material. Cutting mdf with a straight 1/8" bit set to ‘clear out a pocket’. When the X-Carve finishes my holes are coming out slightly small; at approx 19.5mm.

It’s a slight difference (0.5mm) but its enough that standardize tools with 20mm parts to fit said holes won’t fit.

Should I be using a different bit? Different kind of cut? or should I just oversize my holes in Easel? Seems like it should be able to cut precise holes without me fudging the drawing.


Have you calibrated your machine? Check out the Paw Paw’s Workshop video below…

Did you measure the bit width with calipers and use that measurement instead of simply using the 1/8" option? Bits are made to a specific nominal size with a certain tolerance. For instance, my 1/4" bit actually measures 0.244", but is within the manufacturer’s specifications.


Brandon Parker


Are the holes the correct distance apart?

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Thanks, I’ll check the bit and give the calibration a try.

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