Cutting smaller than in Easel

Hi this is the first time this has ever happened. But when I setup a file in Easel, copy it to a usb thumb drive then put it onto my pc running the CNC USB Controller. And for whatever reason it is carving a lot smaller than it is supposed to. Not sure why

Microstep mismatch AND/OR incorrect step/mm values for X/Y/Z.

I thought so too. But it shows up on cnc usb controller software smaller than it is supposed to be. As an example my bed is a 6090 and it shows on my screen that way yet when I import a file it shows up much smaller on the screen that it should be.

Just a thought but could you have one set to mm and the other to inches?

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Nope. I thought of that as well.

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How big is it supposed to be?
Share the gcode and Easel project here.