Cutting smaller then set

HI there I am new to this and not computer savvy. I am trying to get a Banggood 3018 to carve etc. I am using easel or trying to. The first attempt was very basic and appeared to work as expected.
Since then whilst the machine will carve it does it all in an about a half inch square, i.e. the carve is say 8" x 3" it takes me through all the set up pages and onto carve. when I set it going it then does the whole thing in the space of about a half inch by half inch area. Still takes the same amount of time though.
I have changed the stepper motors incase it was the steps they do to no avail changed the control board still no luck. re installed easel same result . Help any ideas…

Many regards and stay safe


You need to calibrate each axis (X, Y, and Z). There is a myriad of resources to help with this. Here is an example from PhillipLunsford on his YouTube channel that should get you going.


Brandon Parker