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Cutting the bottom of a pocket

Hello, I have a pocket with a roughing pass and a detail pass. I’ll admit, I am try ing to get out of some sanding work…

Is there a way to make the detail bit go over the bottom of the pocket (in addition to the detail pass) w/out going through all the motions ‘carving’ the whole thing?

Make another workpiece, but only use the detail bit. Set the DOC to the full depth of the carve. Carve this after doing the Roughing/Detail pass on the original workpiece. This will allow the detail bit to carve the entire design as if it were the only bit. You can most likely bump up the feeds/speeds as well.


Brandon Parker

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I just tried it, and I had one those “Why didn’t I think of that moments…”. It looks beautiful and will save me a lot of work

Thank you Thank you Thank you Brandon.


No problem …
I’m more than happy to help where I can, and I’m glad the piece came out well.


Brandon Parker