Cutting the inside of cursive letters

I’m cutting some lettering in the cursive Easel font. I did several searches here in the forum and don’t see my specific question.

Some of letters I’m carving have a center portion that should be carved out, like the belly in the letter d, or a. Before the cut I don’t get any indication that the bit is too big to make these cuts, but the inside of the bellys are left uncut. Any thoughts?

Bit size is probably too big and can’t cut it

In the 3d view it showed it would cut. It also cut much smaller segments, even within the lettering. I really don’t think it’s bit size, but I’ve been wrong before… today… many times

I changed bits and went over the lettering again. It outlined the lettering including the insides of the rounded letters, but left creamy centers.

Are the insides of letters considered a fill cut and dealt with separately with some other selection that I’m not seeing? I’m happy to report a bug if there really is one, but I want to be sure it’s not just an oversight by a new user

can you share your file and post a link? maybe someone can see what is happing to your carve if it was shared.

Word of warning from my experience with Easel: The red in the right side preview barely, if at all, shows if you’re doing a shallow cut. Bump your cut up to full depth and you’ll see the red. I’ve pointed this out to Inventables in the past and I’ve not seen it resolved.

Thanks for the replies. I think I have the shading figured out and depth of cut settings, at least insofar as how it works. Maybe I’m asking the wrong question though.

If I’m cutting raised letters I think what’s really happening is that a pocket is created around those letters, that is the letters aren’t really raised, but rather a recess is created around them making them raised in relationship to their surroundings.

If I choose an outline cut around those letters the bit will simply follow the outline of the text inside, outside, or on the line. Regardless of which of those options is chosen there must be a recess cut both outside and inside of certain characters for them to appear appropriately and fully raised. The insides of certain characters must become pockets for them to appear correctly. (If this premise is incorrect, them I’m definitely missing the boat somewhere)

Assuming an appropriate bit size, shouldn’t the interior of these characters be hogged out by default? Or, how do I select only the interior portion of these characters to set them as fill cuts with the required depth to match the depth of cut on the field on the exterior of those same characters?

Being raised text, and in the case of my project, except for the outline of the characters, there was no cut to the characters themselves, except for the expectation of the interiors being removed.

Not sure I clarified the issue, but thanks again for helping

I gotcha. I’ll give that a go. Is this clunky? Aren’t the letters in a text box already? I wonder why this isn’t done by default. Even if the letters themselves are fill cuts, wouldn’t the middle “belly” cuts need to be recessed even deeper for the letters to look right?

I see the point. I’ll give it go and have no doubt it’ll work exactly as you describe. Thanks to everyone who contributed to my further understanding.

Yes, the layers thingy is a learning curve for sure