Cutting through 2 inches of wood

So I need to mill through two inches of wood for a project I’m working on. I have a 2 inch 1/4 bit, but it cannot clear the 2in piece of wood by like 1/4 of a inch, much less get on top of the homing plate.

From this diagram it should be possible because the z can be raised 80mm over a 90mm piece of wood. What the heck am I doing wrong?

You can carve as deep as you can, then manually saw off the excess material, then run a edge trim bit manually.
While you do have a CNC it isn’t always optimum to use it for everything :slight_smile:

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Well I’m next move it to cut a half inch off the top of each block.

But I bought the Carvey after looking at this diagram seeing as it would be good for the part I’m making. I’m curious if I’m just reading it wrong, or just operating the machine wrong.

90mm is the maximum clearance, without a bit. You can move down 80mm from there. With 2" thick stock, you’re down to less than 1.6" left for an end mill.

What about a two sided cut?

That’s what I was fearing. The diagram is very misleading. I don’t think I’m competent enough at this point for a double cut, but I may be in the future.

Can I ask what you’re cutting? Sometimes the solution is simpler.

I’m cutting a round base for a watch winder that I will need to mill out first. The diameter is around 4inches, height at around 1.3-1.5. side walls and top are about 5mm thick.

Recently, I found myself needing several 5" circles cut out of 1.5" material. i need to mill a slot in one side. For the circles, I settled on cutting them on the table saw using a small jig. My plan is then to create a jig for the CNC to hold them to mill the slot.