Cutting through materials

Hi carvers!
what is the name of the material that is left uncut when cutting through material to avoid the cutout spinning out if control?

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Ryan nailed it. If you have the option, I’ve found that triangular tabs are superior to rectangular ones, they leave less surface marking on the side of the profile. :smile:

thanks, does easel have a function to create them tabs, or I will need some special software?

When you click on the item that you want tabs on, a window should pop up with the depth of cut and other settings. Under the Outline or Fill options, there is a check box that says “Use Tabs” that you click on. Under that are the dimensions you can enter for the width/height of the tabs.

oh ok thanks a lot, but can I choose how many tabs I want or easel does that for me?

I think it only allows 4 tabs (they appear as a brown color around the perimeter of the object), and you can click and move those tabs where you see fit. I think they are trying to add the feature of specifying the # of tabs.

I don’t use Easel a whole lot anymore, so someone with more experience will chime in.

depending on the software, it can also be called bridges.