Cutting through

I design a project in easel and set the material demensions. I insure cutting depth is set correctly and material thickness is correct. No matter what material thickness I am cutting and what setting I have for depth of cut, the machine wants to cut all the way through. I zero machine per instructions. Can anyone solve my problem.

@JohnWarren Can you share a project you are having issues with? Other than the cut depth problem, are the projects being cut out properly?

Tarry, I am new to forum so I don’t know how to share a project. If you could let me know I will do it. Every design does cut out properly, just not the right depth. thanks

No problem! Open the project, click on File, then Share. Click on Shared with Link, then copy and paste the link to your post response.

I don’t see anything wrong with the project. When you set up your machine through Easel, did you select the correct Z-axis screw (M8 versus ACME screw)? I’ve seen people select the wrong one initially and it caused this kind of problem.

I have the acme and yes I did. I called inventables and spoke with John and explained what was happening and said to start a project and then unplug the usb cord and then I could send an error report. I did that but have not heard anything back yet. Thanks for your assistance.

Is your wasteboard flat? I’ve got .030" dip in mine.

My wasteboard is flat.