Cutting too Deep

Having great success with the new x carve except on depth of cut. It seems about 1/8" or so too deep. Trying very basic cuts on easel shapes, lowering the bit to the work surface or a tiny bit above, setting depth very low like .02 but I get .145 depth cut? Any suggestions?

I fixed my own Problem, a silly error but worth sharing. I was adjusting the z by turning the pully/screw manually instead of using the jog buttons on the computer, which was throwing off Zero.

Were you adjusting it by hand after telling Easel to confirm the home position?

Curious if that should make a difference since confirming home should zero all 3 axis’ no matter the method for getting into that position…essentially resetting the counts on all 3. That is what makes sense to me, but I only have a few days experience (and none of my projects so far have been critical for depth cuts).