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My manager ordered a design from someone for a bottle and jar. He sent him the design in PDF file.

As you know inventables (Easel) does not support this type of format. I converted the file online to SVG.

The file converted successfully, but when I open the converted file, it shows me there is space at the top level of the jar and bottle as you can see in the below screenshot.


Is there a way to connect two parts of the bottle together via Easel application please?

What is the best way to covert PDF to DXF or SVG or G-Code please?

Someone mentioned changing cutting from dots to continue lines in Easel. Is there something like this in Easel please?

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Can you share the project?

  1. Go to: Project>Share
  2. Select the “Unlisted” radio button
  3. Copy the URL that pops up
  4. Press the “Close” button
  5. Paste the URL into a new post here


Brandon Parker

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Set your bottle to fill
add a block to cover most of the space
Delete the nodes you just created.

Hope this example helps you Steve


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